How to Clean Windows _Complete Guide to the Best Methods

Are your windows looking dull and obstructing your outside view, and you might be wondering how do I clean the windows and make them sparlke.

This is because dirt has collected on the glass, and you’ve stayed too long without cleaning.

Start by cleaning your windows if you want to enjoy a clear outside view.

One of the cheapest and most effective cleaning products that you’re likely to find is vinegar. Apply the vinegar to your windows once or twice a year when they need an extra-good cleaning.

However, avoid letting the vinegar dry on the window. Instead, wipe down the window with a soft cloth to remove excess residue. You’ll be amazed at how well this solution works!

You will also notice that when they are clean, your house is brighter as they allow more sunlight into the house.

Cleaning your windows might seem like an easy task, but the reality is that many of us do it wrong.

You’ll find that even the experts sometimes do it wrong.

Fortunately, the method I’ll show you is easy to follow, and at the end, you’ll have sparkling clean windows.

You can opt to use store-bought cleaning products or homemade.

You may wonder, how do I make cleaning products? Don’t panic; I’m going to give you a step-by-step process.

Before further explaining how to clean your windows, let’s look at how you prepare.

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Best DIY Ways on How to Clean Windows and Make Them Sparkle { Foolproof Hacks To Clean Windows In 60 Seconds}

1.   Choose a cool and dry day

When looking to clean your windows, ensure that it’s not windy as you’d be doing zero work, especially outside.

This is because the wind would carry dirt, and together with water, your windows will be dirtier.

Also, make sure it’s not sunny because the soapy water will dry off before you get a chance to clean the windows.

This leaves large streaks that are pretty hard to remove when dry.

So if it’s sunny, postpone your cleaning, or start with the side of the house with shade.

And move to the other side when the sun has shifted.

All-in-all, a dry and cloudy day is the best because it allows working efficiently, finishing your work quite early.

2.   Wipe off the dust with a piece of dry cloth

Before you start cleaning, take a piece of cloth and wipe off the dirt and dust from your windows. This goes a long way when cleaning as your windows get muddy when the cleaning agents are introduced.

Suppose that your window has sticky material that doesn’t come off even after wiping.

Remove it with warm water and a brush to clean the sticky substances.

You can use a microfiber to wipe your shades and blinds.

Alternatively, take a damp cloth, pass it through each piece, and follow it with a dry one.

If you are using curtains, remove them and put them in the washer, and after your windows are clean and dry, replace your curtains.

3.   Choose the right cleaning agent

You can opt to use store-bought cleaning agents like Better Life Natural All-Purpose Cleaner and Invisible Glass 99031 Reach.

Spray it to your window and clean it with a piece of cloth.

The good thing about using these two cleaning products is that the spray’s mist stays in place until you wipe it off as you clean.

It ensures that there will be no wastage as it does not drip.

Alternatively, you can make a homemade cleaning solution.

Follow the process below:

    • 4 cups of water
    • 1 cup of white or cider vinegar
    • ½ cup pf alcohol with a 70% concentration
    • Mix the ingredients in a glass jar and put the mixture in a glass bottle.

4.   Use a microfiber

After cleaning your windows, some people use newspapers to dry them, but it’s best to use microfiber cloths.

The upside of microfiber is that they are super absorbent, can be washed, and does not leave your glass windows with streaks.

Besides, they are super soft and do not scratch your windows.

5.   Don’t use a squeegee

Although professional window cleaners swear by them, you’d have to know how to use them; otherwise, you will have a mess to clean after due to water dripping on the floor.

6.   Divide the cleaning

You cannot clean all the windows in your house in one day unless you hire professionals.

If you are going to do it yourself, divide the cleaning.

You can start with the living room and kitchen and move on from there.

Two or three days are enough if you don’t have a big house.

And it would be easier to clear after a month or two.

So now that you know how to prepare when cleaning your windows, let’s get to the process of cleaning windows.

Your windows have inner and outer sides, and to get a sparkling clean window, you must clean the interior and exterior parts.

What do you need to get a sparkling clean window?

  • Sponge
  • Microfiber cloth
  • A bucket full of cleaning solution
  • Water
  • Squeegee
  • Large towels

A.   Cleaning the Interior Parts of Your Windows

How to Clean Windows

  1. Fill your bucket with water and add a few drops of liquid soap
  2. Place the towel on the floor to collect dripping water, saving you from more cleaning work.
  3. Take a squeegee or a microfiber cloth the clean the window. Start from the top, going down.
  4. Remember to wipe the windows frame
  5. Some people spray the window with vinegar, while others use store-bought cleaning sprays.
  6. Afterward, use cotton or lint-free cloth to dry your window. Make a z shaped motion to avoid leaving streaks. Some people use black and white pages of a newspaper, and other use clean paper towels. So it depends on your preference.
  7. If you notice some dirt streak, repeat the process. Spray and wipe.

As we said initially, it’s best to work on a day when it is not sunny or windy; instead, clean your windows on a cool and dry day.

B.   Cleaning the exterior parts of your window

How to Clean Windows

It is common knowledge that your window’s outer part has more dirt than the inside.

So you will have your work cut out for you.

  1. You can start by wiping or rinsing your windows using a bucket of water or a hose.
  2. After all the dirt flow down, take another bucket of water filled with soap.
  3. Use a Squeegee or a microfiber cloth to clean your windows. If you can’t reach some parts of your windows, take a sponge mop or a microfiber mob fitted to a pole and use it to clean them.
  4. After cleaning, rinse your windows with clean water
  5. If you notice some stains such as bird poop remain even after washing. Spray them with warm water and vinegar, and leave them to soak the dirt for a few minutes. Then take a soft scrubby sponge and clean them. Do not use a brittle sponge as the chances of scratching your glass windows are high.
  6. Afterward, spray your store-bought cleaning solution or homemade
  7. Using a squeegee, wipe your windows in a Z motion. Start from the top and work your squeegee downwards. After each wipe, wipe your squeegee with a dry towel to remove the specks of dirt and repeat the process until they are clean and streak-free.
  8. In the end, wipe done the window frames.

In some instances, your windows may be stained with minerals deposits, especially if you live in a place where there is hard water.

Although it may be challenging to clean, your best cleaning solution is store-bought, especially those that can remove calcium, rust, and lime stains.

Such cleaning products include CLR PRO Calcium, Lime, and Rust Remover.

Final Thoughts on How to Clean Windows and Get Rid of Dirt on Glass Easily

It will help you now that you have a better understanding of how to clean windows correctly.

Use these tips to remove unsightly stains from your home windows, as well as build a safer and more sanitary living environment for you and your family.

Cleaning your windows can be tiresome but worth the sweat as you will enjoy unobstructed views.

Besides, your house will benefit from natural lights, making it brighter.

There is something about staying in a clean and more radiant home that lightens and improves your mood.

Take action and clean your windows. If you are busy, hire professionals.

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