Facts you Should Know About Whether You Can Wash Rugs in The Washing Machine

Small area rugs and throw rugs add color and elegance to the home while offering underfoot comfort. There’s going to be a moment where simply vacuuming won’t do it, and you’ll be probably wondering, Can You Wash Rugs in The Washing Machine?

But be not troubled! Smaller rugs can be tossed in the washer.

Not unless your rug has a sticker explicitly specifying that it is either dry clean or spot clean.

However, most throw rugs can be cleaned, even rubber-backed ones.

The pet stains, kid stains, and other basic stains tend to pile up without deep cleaning.

In this respect, follow the guidelines for washing a rug in a washing machine.

How to Safely Wash Rugs in a Washing Machine?

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

But wait, isn’t every rug machine washable? Yes, kind of. Suppose you’re up to the challenge.

It’s recommended to run it on a gentle cycle of cold water and not cleaning it for long.

The other option entails wrapping it in a mesh laundry bag or a zippered pillowcase before washing.

When it’s finished and clean, your best choice is either tumble dry on low or to let the air dry — especially if your rug has the rubber back.

Many rug labels do not provide detailed information about fabric material, making it difficult to know how to wash rugs.

When cleaning a rug for the first time, wash it separately from all other laundries if it is not safe for colorfast or washer.

If you have two or three equally similar rugs, they can be washed together.

You may want to go to the nearest laundromat for a large number of rugs and use a larger commercial washer.

By cleaning all the rugs at once, you’ll save time and money.

1.   Test for colorfastness.

You can test for colorfastness by rubbing the rug with a clean moist white rag or wetting a cotton swab and rubbing it on the rug’s fibers.

The dyes will bleed in the washer if some color passes to the rag or swab.

2.   Treat any stains.

Make sure to check the stains on the rug. You’ll get better results if you’re pre-treatment of stains, particularly food and greasy spots, before washing.

If you know what caused the stain, follow the proper stain removal procedure for the guilty party.

Add a stain remover like Seven Generation Concentrated Laundry or a small amount of heavy-duty liquid detergent (e.g., Woodlite Darks or Clorox 2) to the stain and rub it softly with a soft brush (an old toothbrush works fine).

Let the stain remover work on the stain for at least 15 minutes before cleaning.

3.   Shake it off.

To get as much dirt and fur out as possible, take the rug outside and give it a great shake.

A smart way to do so is to take one end of the rug and pound it against something, like the fence or the shed.

The more things you will pull from the carpet, the better. You don’t want to end up in the washing machine with all the mud and pet fur.

4.   Wash the rug.

Consider using cold water and liquid detergent on every sort of washable rug.

If you have a front-load or a top-load high-efficiency washer, it is easy to load the rugs into the washer: apply the detergent and toss it onto the rugs.

Try to wash two rugs together or add several towels to get the best results during the high spin cycle.

The load should be balanced around the middle agitator for standard top load washers.

Unbalanced loading can cause crazy gyration and even damage to your system. If you don’t have enough rugs, wash your tennis shoes, towels, or rags to offset the load.

5.   Dry the rug.

Firstly, a wet rug should always be air dry since high heat will induce shrinkage.

Dry the rugs on a clothesline or dryer rack away from direct sunshine, which causes certain shades to fade.

If the rug is deeply wrinkled, it can be dripped in a clothes dryer using an air-only machine with no heat.

You may also use an iron to smooth the rug.

How to wash Rubber-Backed Rugs

Rugs with a rubber backrest can also be cleaned, although they need a few measures to protect the rubber.

Non-skid mats get a lot of foot traffic, and they can quickly get dusty lose their decorative charm.

If your rug is made of cotton or synthetic material, you can place it in a washing machine with bath towels.

  • Wash in cold water on a gentle loop, and do not wash it too often: the rubber backrest cannot tolerate weekly washing cycles.
  • Never use chlorine bleach to whiten or clean the rug; it causes the rubber to flake. Instead, use oxygen-based chlorine. Ignore the kit instructions on how many to use per gallon of water and give it enough time to work. For optimum efficiency, allow the rug to be soaked in an oxygen-bleach solution for a few hours or overnight.
  • You can use pine oil or a phenolic disinfectant such as Lysol to disinfect washable rugs with a rubber base.
  • Never use an iron on the dryer or dry a rubber-backed rug as heat can disintegrate the backing. Air-drying is the best process, but you can give it a swift tumble in the dryer without heat if desired.

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Rugs That Require Spot Cleaning

Many floor rugs, including custom-woven, hand-made, and natural fiber rugs, are marked “spot clean only.”

They can easily be destroyed in a typical washer, so they must be washed by hand.

Vacuum the rug daily for general washing. Then, what you’re expected to do is spot clean any spills, just like you’d clean a rug.

If you happen to have quite a dirty rug, leave it to a competent rug cleaner.

Rugs That Require Dry Cleaning

Contact a specialist if your rug product contains “dry clean only.”

Most of these rugs have backings that can break apart if they are exposed to too much moisture.

Nevertheless, you can spot clean stains with a stain remover.

Different Items Your Washing Machine Will Clean

Only make sure first to check all care tags or manufacturer’s instructions.

     i.        Stuffed animal dolly

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine


If your son’s beloved teddy bear looks like he was fighting with mud, give him a gentle machine wash.

Secure any loose cords, cut any “clothes,” and put it in a mesh bag or pillowcase for added protection.

Don’t forget to read the instructions on the care tag (if it’s available).

Some furs may not be washable, and the same applies to a doll stuffed with little foam balls, such as Beanie Babies.

    ii.        Sneakers

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

Unless the manufacturer says explicitly no, canvas tennis shoes and even some leather tennis shoes can be washed in a washer.

Dry clean your canvas or nylon tennis shoes like Keds; avoid tossing leather or athletic shoes in the washing machine.

In cold water, prevent warping and throw in an old towel to buffer them from banging too hard on the machine.

Remove the insoles and laces, if you can, and wash them separately.

   iii.        Pillows.  

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

Great news: if your pillows are down or are packed with fibers, you should clean them in a washing machine.

Using a gentle cycle of warm water, but first, read the manufacturer’s instructions beforehand.

   iv.        Backpacks or lunch bags

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

While you might not think to check, some backpacks may be cleaned in a washing machine (and toss your stinky shin guards from your soccer practice).

If you can, turn the bag inside out, detach any metal bits and any bejeweled components or decals.

Because they cannot withstand the spinning, put the bag in a pillowcase to protect it, and wash on a gentle cycle.

    v.        Curtains

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

Save yourself the handwashing chore when you replace your curtains.

They can be machine washed in cold water on a slow-spin cycle, not unless your curtains are made of a fragile material.

   vi.        Chair pads

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

Carry the furniture of your patio out of hibernation.

Wash one chair pad at a time, use a gentle cycle, and make sure your machine has enough space — if you force the pads to fit inside (they may not work if your washing machine has an agitator).

If that’s the case, wash them by hand instead.

 vii.        Car Matts

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

After months of carpooling, the mats need to be washed appropriately.

Pretreat them with a stain remover, such as Yell Advanced Gel, and wash them with the usual detergent.

viii.        Yoga Mats

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

You wash your yoga shirts and pants in the washer, so why not your yoga mat? You’re going to have the best luck on a washer without a central agitator, and these washers are easier on fabrics.

But if you have a center agitator, unroll the mat and position it as uniformly as possible around the agitator.

Balance out the load with a few towels to keep the washer from tossing and spinning.

Simultaneously, using a gentle cycle, warm or cold spray, and a heavy-duty detergent such as Tide or Persil that slices through body oils and dirt.

If you need to use the mat quickly, wrap it in a dry, absorbent towel and squeeze to extract as much water as possible.

Caution: Allow the mat to dry out on a clothesline or drying rack away from direct sun and heat. Never place in the clothes dryer; it can warp or destroy the mat.

   ix.        Children Toys

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

Kids don’t wash their hands between the toy chest and the lavatory visits and exchange it all.

In a mesh laundry bag, wash all the little plastic toys such as building blocks, action heroes, and bath toys a ride through the washer.

Only add them to the wash load of hot water and then detach them to air dry.

Add a bit of disinfectant to get rid of germs to avoid family members getting ill.

    x.        Reusable Grocery Bags

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

After each use, reusable grocery bags, particularly those used for fruit, meat, and pre-cooked foods, should be washed to avoid bacterial contamination.

Bags that are used for packaged and canned perishable goods for cleaning can go last a little longer.

Any bags having indications on how to launder, and you can follow the directions. Usually, remove any dividers or inserts on the ones that do not.

They can be dried on-line or placed in the dryer. Nylon bags should be treated in the same manner but air-dried.

Washing Tip If you have a woven canvas bag, wash in hot water with your usual detergent. The hot water is necessary to kill E. coli and other bacteria.

   xi.        Silicone Kitchen Tools, Oven Mitts, and Hot Pads

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine


If your kitchen is filled with silicone baking mats, molds, equipment, oven mitts, and trivets, toss them in to clean with your daily washing.

Using mild or hot water and a high-duty detergent to cut through food-oils.

Use a mesh laundry bag to corral small objects and the gentle spin cycle to prevent distortion.

Don’t forget the oven mitts and hot pads as you wash the kitchen towels.

Almost all of them have come into touch at some stage with food.

Unfortunately, the loss cannot be repaired if you have scorched mitts.

  xii.        Mop Heads, Rubber Gloves, and Cleaning Tools

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

Once you have done cleaning up your house, you need to clean the equipment you used.

Mop heads, sponges, rubber gloves, and scrubbing brushes will harbor bacteria that you will scatter when you use them again.

Place tiny cleaning equipment in a mesh laundry bag and toss them with a set of towels in the washer.

Remove the mop heads from the handles. To stop molds and mildew formation, use proper detergent and hot water.

Afterward and allow the items to air dry thoroughly before storage.

xiii.        Shower Curtains and Bath Tools

Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine

No reason to get a filthy fabric or shower curtain. Only toss it with a load of bath towels in the washer.

Using a chlorine bleach solution on white or acrylic curtains and oxygen bleach on colored curtains to clear the stains if the curtain has a bit of mildew.

To extract body soil, yeast, and bacteria, scrubbing poofs and loofahs requires daily washing.

Please put them in a mesh washing bag and add the towels. Never put them in a dryer.

Before returning to the humid shower stall, allow them to air dry thoroughly.

Final Thoughts on Can You Wash Rugs In The Washing Machine?

Owing to the excess of water and moisture. Rugs in your bathroom are a refuge for mildew, bacteria, and also for fungi.

Can You Wash Rugs in The Washing Machine? Obviously, after a relaxing shower, the last thing you want to do is walk into a cesspool.

That’s why you should periodically wash your bathroom rugs.

The consistency at which you wash your carpets is going to be dependent on your household.

Whether you have kids who play a variety of sports or a bath mat that gets so much use, it never dries, you’ll want to wash it weekly.

However, if your household comprises one or two persons who shower once a day, you can space out the washing so that you’re barely washing bathroom rugs for about two to three weeks.

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