The Top 8 Ways To Hang A Wreath On A Fiberglass Door: Complete Guide

Is the festive season around the corner, and you are unsure how to hang that wreath? In the guide below, I will take you through several ways on how to hang a wreath on a fiberglass door.

We are no longer in the days where the Christmas season was the only season for wreaths.

Unfortunately, things have changed as wreaths are becoming an every season product.

A wreath helps you send a certain message despite the occasion or season.

They are commonly used during Christmas, but still, they can be used during Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, and other occasions.

With the many designs available nowadays, it is very easy to choose a wreath that suits you.

In the guide below, I will take you through a few ways on how to hang a wreath on a fiberglass door easily with just little creativity.

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Top 8 Ways To Hang A Wreath On A Fiberglass Door.

Many people admire wreaths in other people’s doors but get stressed about achieving the same on their doorsteps.

Wreaths are perfect decorations to celebrate any holiday and such you don’t have to worry about how to handle them.

They are among the best way you can welcome visitors to your home.

1)  Buy A Wreath Hanger

how to hang a wreath on a fiberglass door

A wreath hanger is a no-fuss mode of hanging your wreath.

If drilling a hole through your door is a big deal to you, then a wreath hanger is one of the choices you have to hold your wreath in place.

The hangers come in different shapes and sizes, giving you an option to choose from depending on your wreath and door’s size.

Since they usually go over the top of your door, if it is thick, then it might be tricky to close your door when need be.

They are designed so that one end hangs on top of the door while the other end hooks around the wreath.

When purchasing a wreath hanger, ensure that it fits correctly by confirming its thickness and space between your door and door frame.

2)  Utilize Self-Adhesive Hooks

Self-adhesive hooks such as the command hooks are one of the excellent choices for hanging wreaths and other accessories on your glass door or even window.

Adhesive hooks will also help prevent the back of the wreath you have hung on the door from scratching it.

This method of hanging your wreath will not damage your door at all.

When purchasing a command hook, ensure to confirm the weight of your wreath.

Command hooks can hold a weight up to 3 pounds, so it’s important to factor in the weight of your hook.

Before affixing the hook, ensure to clean the door thoroughly.

The cleaning will help clear any dirt or dust which may hinder the adhesive at the back of the hook from sticking to the door as expected.

To clean the door rubbing alcohol or even Windex together with a clean paper towel will serve the purpose.

Normal cleaning wipes can also be used to clean the glass door. Once clean, it’s now time to fix your adhesive hook and hang your wreath.

3)  Use A Ribbon And An Upside-Down Picture Hook

how to hang a wreath on a fiberglass door

Picture hooks always have an adhesive on their back surface.

Purchase a hook that will carry your wreath weight without falling off.

Stick the hook on the door from inside the house.

Since you will be attaching a ribbon to the hook, place the hook upside down.

Then cut a string or ribbon into your desired size.

Tie the ribbon around the hook and pass the ribbon to the outside over the door. Tie the wreath using the ends of the ribbon.

Having the hook fixed on the inside part of the door makes you not worry about how you will remove it, unlike when it’s on the outside.

You can even leave the hook on the inside for other future uses.

4)  Use The Door Knocker To Attach The Wreath

how to hang a wreath on a fiberglass door

A door knocker is a wooden or metal bar attached to the doors.

The knocker helps to draw the attention of the home occupant by anyone on the outside.

If your fiberglass door has a door knocker installed in it, it can be easy to hang your wreath there temporarily till the specific season is over.

If your door knocker is up high the door, you can use it to secure any ribbon or a string with your wreath attached to it.

On the other hand, if the knocker is lower, you can use it to support the base of the wreath while still securing it with double-sided tape against the door.

The door knocker will act as the base on which your wreath will rest, while the tapes will be used to keep it in place.

If you feel all the above options to be too much to you, looping your wreath around the door handle, knob or lever can be a good choice too.

The only disadvantage with hanging your wreath from the doorknob is that the wreath will be too low, and it may keep on falling when one attempts to open the door.

It will also be a nuisance when closing or opening the door.

5)  Use Suction Cups With Hooks

Suction cups with hooks are the number one option for people who love being discrete.

If the idea of having ribbons running over your door or having picture hooks on it annoys you, then suctions hooks are the next best thing for hanging your wreath.

When buying the suction hooks, ensure to buy the right one that will hold your wreath’s weight without being overwhelmed.

It is advisable to use lighter wreaths as they are easy to hold and do not damage doors with their weights.

When purchasing the suction cups, please do not buy just any but rather opt for the extra strength suctions cups with hooks as they will hold better on the glass door and hold the weight as expected.

6)  Attach Your Wreath Using The Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided tape is versatile and can be used to mount items, including a wreath, to a myriad of surfaces.

It is usually coated with adhesive on both sides enabling it to hold two surfaces together.

Unlike other forms of holding the wreath, the double-sided tape does not involve the suspension of the wreath.

It is very convenient since it will not be dislodged when the door swings when the visitors open it.

Double-sided heavy-duty tape available on Amazon can only be used on smooth surfaces such as glass, ceramic, or even marble. They cannot be used on rough surfaces like a brick wall.

To fix the wreath on your door, strategically put the tape at the back of it and tenderly press the wreath upon the door so that the tape can stick as well.

7)  Utilize The Magnetic Hooks

A fiberglass door does not have any magnetic fields for a magnetic hook to attach.

Therefore, in this case, we shall use 2 hooks, one on the inside and the other outside the door.

We will use a magnetic hook with neodymium magnets since they are best suited for fiberglass surfaces.

Always pick a magnetic hook with the strongest fields. A strong magnetic field holds the hook in place thus it does not slide down due to the fiberglass door thickness.

8)  Just Drill That Screw In.

Drilling a screw into your fiberglass door is not impossible. Nevertheless, it should come as the last option when all other options have failed.

When not done correctly, drilling can leave your door with a crack and unsightly marks.

Armed with protective gear, follow the below steps to drill a screw into your fiberglass door.

  • Use a pencil trace where you would want to drill the hole to hold your screw on the door.
  • With a brad point drilling bits 1/16 inches less than the screw, drill a hole on the door. Use the lowest speed possible.
  • Progressively increase the drilling speed until you get to the desired depth.
  • Insert the screw hook into the hole with the help of a screwdriver, and then hang your wreath as desired.

Factor To Consider When Hanging A Wreath On A Fiberglass Door.

Below are 3 factors that should guide you on how to hang a wreath on a fiberglass door during the holidays.

     i.        The Kind Of Door

Different products in the market have been created in a way that they can only work best on certain surfaces.

Some work on smooth surfaces like glass or tile, while others perform well on uneven surfaces such as a brick wall.

Before making any purchase ensure you know the kind of surface, the product will be used on.

For instance, 3M double-sided command strip is very good on the wall as when removing them; they do not peel the wall paint.

There are also waterproof strips perfect for wet areas such as the bathroom.

   ii.        The Weight Of The Wreath

Different wreaths have different weights and designs.

Even though they are not as heavy, wreaths need to be installed correctly to avoid falling off and getting damaged.

Always consider the weight of your wreath against what you are purchasing to hang on.

 iii.        What You Are Using To Hang The Wreath

Always hang your wreath or any other art in your house with the best and strongest product.

The holding strength should be your guide. You should be comfortable; your wreath is safe and not worried about falling off and getting damaged.

Final Thoughts On How To Hang A Wreath On A Fiberglass Door.

Wreaths are not only for the Christmas season but they can be used to make a statement on various occasions. They can pass a message during seasons such as Halloween, Easter, New Year, etc.

Unlike wood and metal doors, hanging a wreath on a fiberglass door can be tricky and needs creativity.

Depending on the size and occasion, we have various wreaths suitable for everyone.

Therefore do not stress yourself wondering how you will hold your wreath in place.

In the guide above, I have explained several ways on how to hang a wreath on a fiberglass door with less difficulty.

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